Turnaround Operations- (Private Equity Firms/Individual Investment Scenarios)

We offer cutting edge support and advisory services that focus on improving the financial performance of companies you have bought. Our experts at OTTS can step in and turnaround the operations of the firm and make it a profitable one.

Our transformation specialists offer professional advice to stakeholders and managers of financially distressed and under-performing businesses. We understand the working of private equity firms and leverage our comprehensive expertise to optimize business functions.

Our team consists of transition and transformation specialists, armed with a broad set of skills in group restructuring, insolvency and debt advisory.

  • We offer leadership and direction throughout the performance cycle, right from identifying the performance improvement choke points to offering crisis management services during heavily distressing times.
  • Our team consists of experienced professionals who contribute significantly towards enhancing value and protecting the interest of the business.
  • We swiftly diagnose organizational problems and offer effective solutions.
  • We offer hands-on financial reorganization and operational support.

We work across a number of industry sectors. Our professionals have accumulated exhaustive experience in implementing solutions on behalf of our clients.

Corporate advisory

We help key decision makers and managements of corporate entities in optimizing operations and achieving efficiency in the companies that you have bought..

Performance improvement

  • We work with the management to make sure that they are armed with the right tools at hand. It is ensured that all critical information is sent to decision makers in a timely manner.
  • We ensure that those who are entrusted with the responsibility of making critical decisions have access to accurate data.
  • We identify operational inefficiencies before a crisis emerges, facilitating preventive action.
  • We ensure that the company you have bought, gets back on its feet through an improvement in performance in all departments.

Turnaround planning

  • We assist the management to identify the weaknesses of the organization and the measures required to overcome them.
  • We aid decision makers in formulating plans that address under-performance.
  • We help struggling companies devise plans that will ensure a positive turnaround.

Corporate restructuring

Our corporate restructuring services include:

  • Reorganization of corporate groups
  • Succession planning
  • Stakeholder negotiation
  • Formulation of exit routes or recovery strategies
  • Corporate withdrawal from territories and operations, and associated exit management

Company refreshment services

At OTTS, we follow a bespoke turnaround methodology. Our team works cooperatively with existing company management, stakeholders, investors and lenders to restructure the organization. We make sure that an optimum strategy is implemented to refresh the struggling company, turning it into a profitable one for you.

Refreshment services may include a thorough investigation into present performance of that particular business, creation of recovery strategies and implementing the said strategy.

Our refreshment services include:

  • Review of performance
  • Strategy formulation for recovery
  • Implementing the strategy
  • Improvement in performance
  • Bespoke solutions

Review of performance

We work with the existing management and review the company's financial performance followed by an overview of operations. We identify crucial problem spots and start identifying probable solutions.

Strategy formulation for recovery

We cooperate with the management, stakeholders, lenders and investors to create a strong strategy for recovery. We bring in substantial industry knowledge and expertise to make a roadmap by which sustainable recovery can be obtained.

Implementing the strategy

We offer on-ground support to make sure that the restructuring strategy is implemented. In a few cases, this could involve the addition of interim managers who supplement and support the company management for a particular period of time.

Improvement in performance

We plan and support implementation and perform the financial stratagem so that revenue and margins can be improved and costs can be reduced.

Bespoke solutions

If required, our team can offer support to lenders, stakeholders, investors and management on accelerated disposal and solvent liquidation solutions.

We are also adept in performing liquidity reviews as well as independent business reviews. We can help the lenders in understanding the real value of the security they hold.

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