Interim Executive

Are your Operations in need of a leader; are your operations struggling at the basics of managing the value chain; or are you thinking you are in need of doing a full transformation? Whether you are facing a crisis or you are looking for improvement, a qualified, experienced and knowledgeable executive from OTTS can be a great way to understand and implement new business concepts and streamline your operations for better performance, achieve a higher ROI and strengthen your management decision making.

When do you need one?

In many situations, you may face an emergency where your most important professionals are not available to complete the project. This is when interim executives prove to be extremely useful. At OTTS, we recommend a number of scenarios where choosing one of our interim executives would be a wise decision. Ensure that you contact us immediately if you find yourself in any of these situations.

  • If you have suddenly faced the departure of a critical executive
  • If you want to rejuvenate and reevaluate sales
  • If you want to reduce costs
  • If you want to improve service levels, quality
  • If you want to re-position your products in the existing market
  • If you want to enter new markets overseas
  • If you want to evaluate and improve IT performance
  • If you are preparing for a merger, acquisition or IPO
  • If you want a new business plan for a product or division

Interim executives are ideal for any organization that immediately requires a short term solution. We offer experienced and knowledgeable experts who can handle the situation with ease. Our interim executives are most ideal for startups and emerging companies who need an experienced professional to draft the right business model. If you are an SME to Large Corporations experiencing critical problems or unexpected roadblocks, we could help you. If you are experiencing a mission-critical project that is likely to face obstacles, our interim executives can provide the right solutions.

How we can help

Interim executives from OTTS provide many benefits to startups and emerging companies by filling in for a mission-critical position. Here are six ways an interim executive can make your operations smoother, faster and more efficient.

  • Experience
  • Efficiency
  • Accountability
  • Speed
  • Objectivity
  • Mentoring

Instead of the traditional recruitment method for executives that often takes months, an interim executive can be quickly placed within a matter of days. Bringing a fresh perspective into the organization, an interim executive is more often than not overqualified for the position, giving you the boost of more experience and knowledge. They do not serve merely as consultants and take an active position in your company. Understanding the workings of the business, they have the authority to make the right changes and significantly improve and streamline operations. In fact, interim executives can even offer to coach and mentoring after they leave.

What Sets Apart OTTS?

OTTS offers customized solutions for each organization. We offer executives to fill the C-level positions like General Manager, Vice President, and Senior Vice President. Our interim executives are available on the contract between one to three years and can dramatically transform the way you work. Taking critical decisions, our interim executives are highly trained for important milestones. By improving processes, reducing costs and strengthening the management team, our interim executive can ease your worries while you look for a full-time replacement.

Contact us today at OTTS, for more information in regards to how to get started, time frame and cost structure.

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