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Program and Project Management

When it comes to bringing the most value to your customers’ organizations, don’t underestimate the power of program and project management skills. Properly implemented, these crucial skills are needed to vastly improve performance without sacrificing quality; otherwise, it becomes extremely difficult to accurately measure your clients’ true potential. OTTS offers high quality program and project management services to help grow your business.

Defining Program and Project Management

Often used interchangeably, both terms are similar but clearly distinct.

Program Management refers to a group of related projects (program) that are managed in a coordinated way in an effort to collectively maximize their individual benefits. Control is essential to ensuring the success of program management. A program manager does not get bogged down with the minutia of daily project operations; however, he or she oversees them from a high level and ensures they are running smoothly, are well managed, and are well coordinated.

Project management, alternatively, refers to the facilitation of available knowledge, tools, and skills needed to complete projects in a quality manner. A project manager must be able to manage the project team, consistently meet deadlines, monitor the project’s progress, oversee deliverables, and verify that all facets of the project comply with the company’s standards.

OTTS’s Program and Project Management Services

At OTTS, you will find program and project management services that provide comprehensive solutions to companies of all sizes. During each stage of your project/program, OTTS provides the following capabilities:

Definition of Goals and Objectives—At this stage, we help you define the goals of your project/program and clearly specify the end result. The entire team needs to be involved in this process.

Planning and StrategyBuilding—This stage is devoted to defining your strategy so that your project/program goals and objectives can be met. It involves setting milestones, deadlines, timelines, and allocating resources. If additional manpower is required, it will be discovered during this stage.

Execution and Strategy Implementation—During this stage, the actual project work will commence. Strategies and plans will not only be tested—but pushed to their limits. The OTTS team will jump in and assist with problem solving, analyzing your existing strategy, re-strategizing where necessary, and helping your project/program smoothly execute.

Control, Supervision, and Monitoring—Once the initial hurdles have been overcome, the OTTS team assists in monitoring and supervising the progress. We evaluate the coordination of various teams, including individual team members, to ensure that all players are synchronized and working effectively and efficiently.

Streamlined Results—At project/program completion, results are compiled and team member \ contributions analyzed. This data is presented to senior management for review.

At every stage of program management, OTTS will also assist with:

Program Planning—Planning which projects can be combined, how they will benefit each other, and why they should be coordinated.

Program Execution—Managing the coordination of multiple projects running simultaneously or best results.

Program Leadership—Determining if your company needs a program manager and, if so, locating one whose background is commensurate with your requirements.

Program Governance—Ensuring that all the milestones and outcomes of the project are projected and reached as planned.

Financial Management—Assisting with budgeting, planning, manpower, and resource allocation to stay within budget without compromising quality.

A trained OTTS team member is available at every stage to assist and ensure that your project/program progresses smoothly.

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