Setting up World-Class Customer Service & Quality Organizations

In today’s fast-paced global economy, your company needs to have an organization that’s both top quality and world-class. At OTTS, our skilled team has the expertise to set up your company’s operation with knowledge and confidence. You will receive nothing short of outstanding quality and attentive customer service.

One of OTTS’s specialties is to ensure that a company’s organization receives great customer service. To that end, OTTS has established a customer supply chain department where your company has access to superior customer service and quality processes within the company’s internal customer and supplier base.

OTTS employs a superstar customer service team—members who are experts in many facets of supply chain and quality processes.

The Superstar Supply Chain Team is well versed in:

  1. Service Fill Rates: from an enterprise-level down to country, region, category, and products

  2. Safety

  3. Supply Chain Management

  4. Design Logistics/Distribution Networks

  5. Manufacturing Operations

  6. Quality, Labels, DOT, OSHA, GMP

  7. Inventory Management

  8. Return Policies

  9. Packaging

  10. Suppliers, Internal Customer Requirements, and Processes

  11. Demand Management

  12. Enterprise-level Communications

  13. Product Lifecycle

  14. Payment Terms, Credits, and Refunds

  15. Managing and Disposing of Obsolete/MRB Products

  16. ERP, Supply Chain Suite Applications, TMS, and WMS Systems (Will advise on what will need to be custom for your organization)

  17. Response Time to Critical Actions and/or Service Calls

  18. Supplier Scorecards

  19. Develop SOP's, Value Streams for each Process

  20. Setup Chart of Accounts

Our Sales and Marketing Customer Service Team can assist with:

  1. Order Fill Management

  2. Service Fill Rates

  3. Fast Response Times

  4. Processing Returns

  5. Forecast vs. Actual

  6. Providing Knowledge-base on all Products, Inventory, and Discounts

  7. Following up with Customers

  8. Understanding S&OP/ SIOP

  9. Meeting Preparation Assistance

  10. ERP

  11. Other Business Systems in need of management

No Customer Is Too Small

You will be treated as our number one customer at all times.

Leaders, think about this:

• How is your company organization’s customer service?

• How is your repeat business?

• How are your service levels and order fill rates?

• How do your suppliers respond to your company’s organization?

If you need to improve your customer service and quality programs, give OTTS a call today! We will develop and deliver superior customer service and quality control program that’s customized for your business.

Customer Service and Quality Control Programs

One of the keys to success in business is quality customer service that focuses on what is best for your customers and suppliers. Operations, Transformation & Transition Specialists (OTTS) is the best in setting companies up with top-notch customer service, quality assessment, and retention services. Our solutions are aimed at enabling you to offer a high-quality consistent customer service that promotes satisfaction and retention rates, which in turn has a direct effect on your bottom line.

Customer-Centric Service Programs

Did you know that companies spend more on advertising and marketing than they do on customer service, even though 70 to 80 percent of the business they get is from existing customers?

A big mistake that companies make is to offer special privileges and discounts to new customers, in an effort to attract them; meanwhile, no rewards or special offers are extended to existing clients for their loyalty. Without these existing clients, their businesses would fail.

If you look around, you will find a few examples of consumers extending their loyalties to companies as a result of exceptional customer service. On the contrary, you will find many instances of consumers who cut their loyalties as a result of poor service or negative experiences.

If you have been facing issues retaining your existing clients, then it is time to contact OTTS. Our team will:

• Review and analyze your existing customer service program or strategies to see if they are in sync with your business goals.

• Suggest changes or alternative solutions that will make your program more customer-centric and efficient, while mitigating the risks and costs involved.

• Improve the quality of your existing program to increase customer satisfaction levels.

• Create quality rewards programs that can boost your business without significantly increasing your costs.

The Bottom Line: OTTS can help you set up a customer service program and system that is purely customer-centric—because satisfied customers mean business growth.

Quality Programs That Deliver

If you want to ensure that your customers receive only the best, you should rely on the experts at OTTS to do the job. We know firsthand the relationship between the quality of a product and/or service and business success. In the modern world, customers take quality for granted. For most people, it is a given that businesses will (by default) offer quality products. This is true in an ideal world but is not reality.

Improving the quality of the products and/or services offered by your company should be one of your top priorities. OTTS will set your company up with quality processes that will enable your business to:

• Document all your processes accurately for review.

• Identify quality issues that can lead to customer loss.

• Correct or fix the mistakes you have made so that the customers’ problems are fixed.

• Ensure that once the problems have been fixed, they do not recur.

Remember that a quality program is the most sustainable solution to keep your business running. OTTS has quality control and management experts who can help you set up a reliable and practical quality management system that ensures you provide your customers with the highest quality product available.

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