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Capital Investment for All Reasons

Improve Cash Flow for New or Underperforming Companies

We at OTTS, Inc., our expanding into new areas of opportunities. We have joined forces with, an elite group of professionals.

While based in the U.S. the key team members are made up of mature operational and functional experience, that have led operations on four continents in “C” level positions for Fortune 500 companies.

We formed an association for the specific intent of identifying and acquiring a company or companies or a controlling interest in an operating platform that can be grown substantially and can create superior value for all parties involved. We are interested in management buy-outs, companies in distressed, companies who need capital for investment; could be going through a transition or in a turnaround situation. We will look at companies with Revenues with $50M to $2B. Have a minimum EBITA of $10M.

Capital Investment Initiative

• Provides capital for businesses in any industry • For companies with revenue from 20 million to 2 billion dollars • US based and global companies • High powered team of highly successful business executives bring their expertise to every dimension of your business enterprise

Mark Shaw consults directly with you about your company’s capital needs and then brings your company to his board of capital investors. The board has fair market pricing and terms creating full-value opportunity and growth strategies. It’s your future success that’s in the balance. Mark Shaw and OTTS are here to assist you.

888-410-OTTS (6887) Call Mark at OTTS to personally discuss your capital investment questions