Inventory Management

So many leaders and their manager’s struggle at managing their supply chain and operations. A primary cause is due to, bad data in their reports they are using to manage the business. Leaders at companies ask us at OTTS all the time “What’s the cause on why their management teams struggle to manage the business?”


It comes down to two primary issues.

  1. Usually, the company’s ERP system was not set up correctly for Supply Chain Planning Operations. This certainly hinders a leader's ability to have a superior critical decision- making. (We at OTTS see this issue all the time at small, midsize and large companies. OTTS can resolve this issue easily. Call 888-410-6887.)

  2. Companies have bad inventory control programs/processes. Again, this affects a company’s entire value chain, such as:

    a. Supply Chain Planning

    b. Strategic Sourcing

    c. Tactical Sourcing

    d. Logistics (Expedited Freight)

    e. Master scheduling

    f. Plant Operations

    g. Demand Management

    h. Financials

    i. Customer Service (Delivery Performance, Order fill rate)

    j. Quality

    k. Inventory Management

What are signs a company might have poor inventory control?

  1. Your company has teams in place that look for parts or finished goods in the warehouse or Distribution Center

  2. Product has taken offline unable to complete due to missing parts

  3. WIP has a lot of almost finished product staged around the Operations

  4. Expedited freight( from suppliers into Operations or Operations out to the customer base)

  5. The Master Scheduler is unable to plan effectively

As a business owner who understands the importance of efficient supply chain management and value chain management, you will also be fully aware of the need to invest adequate time and resources in establishing an effective inventory management system. Whether it is maintaining a steady supply to the point of consumption or ensuring that there is zero disruption at the origin point, inventory management plays a key role in the success of your business.

At OTTS, we fully understand the many ways in which effective management of inventory can help your business stay ahead of competitors while maintaining customer satisfaction levels at a desirable high. This understanding helps us ensure that you have the highest inventory integrity at any point in time so that dependable risk management becomes a simple goal to achieve. Our world-class inventory management solutions also support business planning at all levels and all business scenarios. Whether it is day-to-day business operations or unexpected demand swings or disruptions in your procurement processes, the OTTS inventory management solutions are equipped to address the challenges with ease.

Comprehensive solutions to support value chain efficiencies
Inventory management has a significant impact on your ability to maintain value chain efficiencies.

There are many inherent processes in your business that are aimed at leveraging the best resources to add value to the raw product until it reaches the end of the production line. However, a majority of these processes cannot come into play unless your inventory management system is efficient enough to keep the flow of raw material, processed goods, and finished goods moving smoothly through the organization. Our inventory management systems address gaps in every stage of the production cycle, comprehensively covering the entire supply chain life cycle until the finished product reaches the consumption point.

Inventory related information at your fingertips

An inventory management system can be described as being truly efficient when it helps the business owner stay updated about various processes at any point in time. Our inventory management solutions come integrated with high-performance reporting tools that will help you in your decision-making process and enables you to streamline your logistics network. We offer the utmost flexibility and versatility through OTTS reporting tools so that you can selectively focus on specific metrics that are most significant to your operational efficiency and profitability.

Let us empower you to achieve your operational goals with ease

We can create an inventory management system that is perfectly in tune with the nature of your business, your raw material, the demand-supply dynamics specific to your products and your customer preferences. We also offer solutions to streamline internal operations as well as distribution networks so that your production processes are always in sync with sales predictions and seasonal demand swings. Backed by an expert team of well-experienced professionals in this arena, OTTS has the expertise, skills, and credentials to empower your business to achieve its operational goals with ease.

Call us to know more about how we can help your business achieve production efficiencies through efficient inventory management.

OTTS has achieved great success at setting up Inventory Management Programs at several companies across the entire globe. OTTS sets-up companies to where a company has an inventory accuracy rate above 98.5%, by sku level.

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