Money Matters (Cash Flow & Financials)

Is your company struggling with its cash flow? Are you having difficulty improving the financial picture of your organization? Do financial matters cause internal stress that filters down to the workforce? Let’s face it; today’s economy makes it tough for competitors to stay afloat.

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your company might be neglecting the most important aspect of its survival: your customers.

At OTTS, this scenario is very familiar. We help clients rethink their priorities and put the focus back on what’s most important: the customer. Small to mid-size companies, those with revenues between $10 and 80 million, struggle the most with financials; however, large companies are not immune and could greatly benefit from our services rather than laying off some of their workforce.

If your company is struggling with its cash flow and/or your financials are falling, please contact OTTS ASAP! We take great passion in helping companies get back on their feet and helping them compete in today’s economy. We are determined to help companies avoid closing their doors!

The OTTS team is comprised of skilled business experts who assist companies by helping them improve cash flow operations. We have a proven track record of getting companies out of the red and into the black.

We will delve into your company’s operation and analyze the following areas:

  1. Suppliers and Their Terms

  2. Raw Material Costs

  3. Finished Goods Pricing and BOM’s Structure

  4. Customers’ Invoices and Terms

  5. Inventory, Warehousing, Distribution

  6. Operations (COGS)

  7. SG&A

  8. IT Infrastructure (ERP and all other systems to run the business)

  9. Consultants/3PLs (if applicable)

After OTTS determines which processes and functionalities are hindering your cash flow and/or stressing its financials, we will provide a best-in-class leadership solution that managers will be able to implement. If needed, OTTS will oversee the implementation of these solutions to ensure they are properly executed.

Don’t delay—it might be too late! Contact OTTS today and get your company back on solid ground, ready to compete in a prosperous marketplace.

At OTTS, no company is too small or too large; we can improve your cash flow and financial picture in no time!

Improve Your Financials and Cash Flow

Financials and cash flow determine how well a company is doing and how much they are growing. Having sound financials to support the passion you devote to your work can go a long way in helping you concentrate on your daily operations without stressing over money matters. The experts at OTTS offer a number of services that can help improve your cash flow and financial picture, both short and long term.

Expert Services Designed to Improve Cash Flow and Financials

The services OTTS offers will help optimize various aspects of your business, which in turn, lead to better financials and increase corporate cash flow. The following are a few services that are part of the OTTS portfolio, services that can help your business financially.

• Demand Management, Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning (SIOP) We offer sales forecasting and demand management strategy services.
Forecasting the demand for your products and services will help in arranging stocks and adjusting production accordingly.

• Managing the demand of your company offerings effectively can help eliminate excessive production and storage.
It also saves time, space, and money while improving the use of company resources.

• Inventory Management – We help you plan and manage your inventory better, so you always have enough raw materials for production, packaging, and transportation. We also help keep a regular check on inventory to avoid overstocking and unnecessary purchases. Our inventory management strategies keep you aware of your inventory details at every step of the supply and value chains.

• We can create inventory management systems that are customized to your business requirements so that you can manage raw materials, finished goods, and the entire production chain. All of these lead to better financial management.

• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Value Chain Applications – ERP strategies are important in every business, although they are mostly ignored until the effects start showing up on company financial statements. ERP strategies help manage company resources better so that they can be allocated more effectively and utilized well in the value chain. We also help align your existing ERP strategies with your business requirements in order for them to work more efficiently.

• Our customized solutions for value chain applications and ERP strategies help you optimize available resources, which ultimately helps improve financials and increase overall company cash flow.

• Supply Chain Production Planning Inventory Control (SCPPIC) – If your supply chain is not well planned and organized, it can lead to waste in terms of excess resources, including time and money, along with impacting the overall productivity of the company. Such wastage can, in turn, lead to delays in the completion of major projects. It can also cause losses for the company and reduce returns.

• Through SCPPIC, we help you manage your supply chain better by optimizing inventory and resource planning. This service also includes identifying and closing loopholes in distribution systems, quality control processes, and customer service, so that your business runs more efficiently overall. Efficient operations and management automatically improve company financials and cash flow.

Through these services, we help you run and manage your business processes more effectively and efficiently. Good management of processes and resources ultimately lead to a bigger bottom line.

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