Designing and Implementing Dashboards to Enhance Critical Decision Making

Do you have a lot of data but do not know what to make of it? Are you finding it difficult to make good decisions despite having a lot of data? Do you have problems identifying which data can help you make better decisions that will drive better results?

Operations, Transformation & Transition Specialists (OTTS) can support you in designing and implementing world-class dashboards.

Your business decisions should be backed by solid data. However, not every piece of data will help. You have to identify the data that can help make your decisions. Moreover, you need access to the data in a form that will tell the entire story. You should also be able to get an overview of all the data that can support you to make the right decisions. This overview should be in a form that allows you to easily understand the data... In order to meet the needs of your business, OTTS will produce a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to visualize the correct data for better decision making.

How will OTTS accomplish this?

It is not just enough to have all your data in an easy to understand form. Your dashboard also needs to incorporate key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics that can help you make informed decisions. You will need multiple dashboards for different job roles and management positions. Each will have its own KPIs and metrics displayed for driving the proper execution.

For instance, your executive needs will require dashboards providing an overview of the status of each department, overall sales, financial performance, and a dashboard that shows KPIs for the business as a whole. On the other hand, each of your managers will need dashboards to understand the performance of their respective department(s). Consider for example, the sales team. An overall view of the real-time sales performance of the organization is essential for monitoring performance. They will also need to know the status of the various deals, negotiations, and contracts in progress. Furthermore, monitoring market and product segmentation will require dashboards for visualizing sales in different geographical regions. In addition, dashboards for monitoring leads and the performance of each of your products across geographical areas are all beneficial to your sales team.

The OTTS leadership team has visited several leaders at companies these past few months, where we heard and seen not only executives but also managers and their staff struggle to get a handle on their business. It comes down to the leaders/managers inability to make good critical decisions that will support the company in reducing cost, improving service levels and increasing operating income (O/I).

The poor decision-making comes from the data the management staff has displayed in front of them when making their decisions. OTTS we see, the data the management staff is using is wrong in some cases but, in most cases, the data is lacking many key elements to help lead the management staff in making the best decision for the company.

In a lot of these companies, if you ask the management team if they are able to hit 100% on all the goals showing in their dashboard they currently used to run their business. “Can you as a leader/leaders state for certain that the company will be successful?” Usually, the response we get back is, “mmmm I don’t know.” Hint! Hint! This is a key point that should be noted.

What is OTTS all about and how can we support your operation?

We are a business management consulting company that has experts who can help you and your staff analyze and identify key performance indicators and metrics for every aspect of your business. Depending on the decisions you need to make, our consultants will tell you what data you need. In addition to providing, designing, and implementing dashboards to give you an overall organizational view, we will work with key managers in your organization's structure and figure out their correct job requirements too. If necessary, we will also help you to restructure your organization for improved efficiency.

We will help you make sense of a large amount of data at your disposal and figure out areas where you can improve your performance. We will also help you identify data that will enable you and your staff to make the correct decisions. In addition to the expertise of our staff, you will get a lot of savings by using our services. When compared to the big five consultancies, our pricing will give you save between 20 and 60%.

To best support companies, OTTS will design and implement dashboards that will display from an enterprise level, then all elements that roll under the enterprise such as, country, region, manufacturing site, distribution centers, customers, suppliers, finished product, raw materials status and revenue & cost associated with each metric.

OTTS designs and implements dashboards that roll-up from staff to the executive levels to ensure all stakeholders in the value chain are on the same page.

An average OTTS dashboard implementation has the following:

Executive (usually has 6-15 key metrics)

Sr. Staff (15-40 key metrics)

Individual staff members (5-10)

If you are having trouble with too much data, not enough data, or an inability to effectively utilize the data, or if you have all of the correct data but need somebody to design a dashboard for you, and then please call us at 888-410-6887. You can also reach us through our website.

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