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No matter what industry your company is in, companies need to invest in their packaging. It is not only important for finish goods, but it is just as important to have the correct packaging for a company’s raw materials.

Investing in packaging could benefit a company’s operations in many areas:

  • Safety (Should always come first when deciding what packaging)

  • Increase sales (Marketing the Finished Design)

  • Cost Savings

  • Improve a company’s inventory management

  • Improve a company’s handling and transporting

  • Improve supplier relations and operations

  • The right packaging for Operations that have or want to go to Kanban deliveries to their Operations

  • Milk Runs from Suppliers

  • Supplier Owned and Managed Inventories (SOMI)

  • Vendor Managed Inventories (VMI)

Packaging Services

The packaging is one of the most important activities in supply chain management. But it is often undervalued by businesses. When handled right, packaging can help reduce your costs significantly. When you need to improve the quality of packaging for your retail and consumer goods without affecting your total cost on the activity, you can count on Operations, Transformation & Transition Specialists to do the job perfectly for you.

How important is the packaging?

When you are in the retail and consumer goods industry, the importance of packaging your products to ensure that they reach your customers safely and in perfect condition cannot be disputed. Under-leveraging your packaging operations and not paying attention to the way it is being handled can cost your company heavily. The sad part is that packaging is often given little or no importance I supply chain management decisions. Has your business has also been paying no attention to the packaging strategies? If yes, now you know why the costs have been so high.

OTTS can help reduce your company's packaging costs

In the retail and consumer goods industry, businesses have to deal with a highly competitive environment with demanding requirements for implementing the supply chain management strategies without increasing the costs involved. OTTS has extensive experience in supply chain management planning and execution for companies in different industries. Whether it is in terms of manufacturing, packaging and inventory management, we are the experts you can turn to.

Ur team of strategists has a very high success rate in reducing the packaging costs for businesses. We pay attention to every detail and ensure that even the little things that you may have missed, but are costing you dearly, are taken care of to reduce the overall cost burden on the company.

What do we do?

We rely on the packaging ideas developed by our engineers and industry experts to offer a customized solution that meets your exact requirements. From considering the type of goods involved, the type of packaging being used to the impact that the environment and other factors have on the packaging, we perform a complete and thorough analysis of your existing packaging strategy and modify it, or replace it with a more efficient strategy that optimizes your supply chain management processes. OTTS analyzes

  • Life-cycle analysis of packaging.

  • Type of packaging and its suitability to the product and the supply chain management strategy.

  • The link between packaging and delivery/postponement of delivery.

  • And how packaging fits in the supply chain system of the company.

Optimizing packaging

OTTS analyzes the role that packaging plays in your supply chain management network to learn how it is affecting the efficiency and the overall costs of the supply chain process. Our experience in developing packaging solutions for a number of companies enables us to optimize the packaging system in place to reduce the overall costs that include

  • Freight costs.

  • Warehouse and storage expenses.

  • Product handling and safety.

  • Labor costs.

We use tested and proven strategies to optimize the packaging solutions that businesses can readily implement to get quick results.

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