Turnaround Executive Profile

Specializing in facilitating business transformations, Mark Shaw relies on his three-pronged approach of visualization, strategizing, and execution for successfully converting struggling companies into competitive, growing, and profitable businesses. As a Turnaround Executive, his clarity of vision and ability to implement innovative solutions toward integrated change has resulted in marked sales growth, cost-reduction, increased productivity, and improved profitability for his clients.

Building on a background in supply chain, distribution, and inventory control, and bolstered by an in-depth knowledge in the areas of global economics, financial solutions, strategic sourcing strategies, production planning, distribution, and manufacturing operations, Mark utilizes Lean and Sigma methodologies to assist his turnaround clients. He has directed up to $700M P&L and has managed upwards of 100 associates for underperforming, distressed, and in-crisis Fortune 1000 corporations, as well as private companies with sales in the $300MM to $3.5B range. Mark has both consulted on and led successful projects managing $2MM to $16B.

With a leadership style that encourages collaboration, Mark sees himself as a systematic leader and reliable mentor. He has successfully built superior operational teams that sought to maximize existing strengths while accessing untapped potential, with the result of streamlining logistics, enhancing distribution networks, creating sustainable business growth, and launching industry-leading products, sales, and services.

Notable Accomplishments:

• At a nutrition company, conceived and built a supply chain organization with several positive effects, including a frozen two-month schedule with inventory reduced by 32% ($4.2M), a leaner organization fixed cost (down $3.M in FY 2010), and an increase in service and fill rates (to 98% from 75% in FY 2011).

• Set up a cash-flow budget model to manage payments, receipts, unplanned and supplier costs. This project increased both cash flow and the company’s purchasing power, strengthened supplier relations, and reduced overall spending by 10% in FY 2010.

• At a large industrial company in 2015, devised a detailed plan to improve strategic sourcing with a new distribution model. The Plan projected a savings at minimum of 3 to 4%, $320 million to $640 million in 12 months.

“Set the strategy, design the model, execute the plan, and drive results.” – Mark Shaw

Final Thoughts:

Shaw’s extensive experience in facilitating strict adherence to quality and regulatory criteria will unquestionably prove to be an immediate asset to your company’s organization. To complement these qualifications, Shaw offers an excellent blend of operations leadership, negotiating, influencing, financial, and forecasting skills, which are vital as a mentor to your company’s management and staff that will have lasting benefits on your organization for a long time.


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